alaska, arkansas, mississippi, rhode island, s. carolina & washington

if you live in one of those states, your VERY LAST day to register to vote is THIS SATURDAY, october 6th.

that’s like, this weekend.

who you vote for is really not my concern, and if you write in “turtles in pajamas” on your ballot for who you cast your votes for hey, more power to you! BUT. a lot of these ballots include things like BALLOT INITIATIVES and you probably DO want to vote on those because they directly effect the laws of your home state. 

like for example in my home state, we have one where we’re voting on if it should be legal or illegal for private mechanics to be allowed to fix cars. obviously i think it should be legal cause who the hell has money to pay a dealership every time? but every state is different.

so uh yeah. registering this year is SUPER SUPER EASY cause you can do it online.someone said they did it in like less than five minutes. here’s some sites you can use to register (spyware free)

if you’ve ALREADY REGISTERED, DON’T REGISTER AGAIN. it’ll invalidate your current registration and you won’t be able to vote in november.

also remember that registering as a party doesn’t obligate you to vote for that party. if your parents are pressuring you to register with the Rolling Tomato party and you’d rather vote Orange Popsicle party, you can make both yourself and them happy. also if you register as a Normal Pokemon party member but two days before the vote they say something really wretched that makes you want to vote for the Fire Pokemon party instead, you totally can.

apologies to those already registered, i will be posting these entries through the month as deadlines for various states draw near.

if you’re confused about how votes are counted or why voting is important, i made a comic to explain.

10/02/12 at 8:31am
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  1. tydusis said: I think the last day to register in person and the last day to register by other means may be different in Louisiana. Some information I’m looking seems to be contradictory. I’d say that anyone who lives in Louisiana may also want use this deadline.
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