so it’s a fairly well known fact that in 2008 the republicans mailed out forms to registered democrats which were alarmist and official looking in nature. the forms insisted the dem voters confirm their registration by X date or they wouldn’t be allowed to vote.

what these actually did was invalidate the voter registration. people who filled them out were left unable to vote on the day of the polls.

well, today in our (massachusetts) mailbox we received a suspicious form. it looked official, it linked to official websites. and it instructed alf to re-register to vote or he wouldn’t be able to participate in the presidential election.

funny thing is, though, it was claiming this was because we’d moved. only, when we moved, one of the first things we did was register in our new town of residence. we in fact still have our confirmation letters on file (because they list the polling place). these letters not only confirm we’re registered to vote but also confirm we’re registered to vote from our current address. 

now, alf’s not registered with a particular party. so maybe the angle for this scam has changed. maybe it’s a paperwork mix-up. maybe it’s nothing. 

but either way be cautious. if you get a letter claiming you need to re-register to vote, the first thing you should be doing is calling your TOWN CLERK and confirming if you’re registered to vote in town or not. if they say you’re all good to go, throw the paper out - it’s a scam to invalidate your vote.

oh, and by the way anon from earlier. if the right to vote was so terribly insignificant to the democratic process by which we elect our leaders…why would the GOP be trying so goddamn hard to prevent certain parties from voting?

09/06/12 at 5:25pm
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