look i don’t want to be mean and i’m not going to single anyone out. but when you join a stream to watch an artist use traditional art please don’t tell them what tools they ‘should’ use, especially for pencil sketch lines. i’m sure your 30$ professional drafting pencil is very nice. i don’t want it, and would rather just have a standard mechanical pencil with 0.7 sized extra soft lead.

i have tried many, many pencils in my life. i’ve tried sketching with your standard wooden school pencil. i’ve tried hard lead. i’ve tried sizes as low as 0.3. the pencil itself doesn’t matter to me, it’s the lead inside.

i sketch best with soft lead because it means i have to apply very little pressure to get a line. it also means if i make a mistake it erases easier because less pressure -> less of a mark in the paper itself -> less of a crevace to have to pull lead out of. 

i use .7 lead for the comic because the page is large and the line size is appropriate to what i’m trying to do. 

and here’s the other reason i’m not interested in brand recomendations for pencils. i lose pencils. a lot.  i draw all over the house. i’ve drawn in the car. i put pencils down and pick them back up without thinking. i sometimes put them on the seat i’m in. sometimes in my lap. sometimes behind my ear. if i can’t immediately find my pencil, i reach for another one out of the box. the one i couldn’t find before sometimes rolls into couch cushions, into crevaces of a car, under beds, under printers or a myriad of other places where i might not find it again for some time if ever. an expensive pencil is a foolhardy purchase for me.  the intelligent purchase is a package of cheap .7 lead mechanical pencils which i can use, lose, replace and reuse as i might need them. this is why on the stream you will see my pencil abruptly change colours from blue to pink to red to purple. 

please. i’m glad people enjoy watching me draw, but it’s not the time or the place to tell me to try another brand of supplies. i didn’t ask for brand or supply advice. i’m quite content using the brands i use now. and brands of pencils is something i am not interested in.

plus if you have never seen the brush tip of a marker before i really can’t bring myself to believe you’re that familiar with art supplies anyway

okay sorry done

07/28/12 at 9:46am
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  1. shiftysketch said: I hate flimsy mechanicals, but I make mine last forever because I horde them. I like just sketching with generic .5 or .7 for mechanical pencils. Mainly because 99% of what do now is scribbles in my notebook but still its ok.
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  3. tydusis said: if i ever need art supply advice, you are actually one of the first people i’d ask. also, mechanical pencils ftw! :D
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