Even though I like Uzumaki, I can never forget the fact that only maybe a third of it is really a unified story, and the rest is basically The Twilight Zone With Spirals

Uzumaki is another thing I need to check out! Do you mean the movie or the manga it was based on?

the manga. I’ve never seen the movie and what I’ve read in its descriptions hasn’t really grabbed my interest

i watched it a while ago! it’s not that great. some of the comic imagery is kept for the movie, but a lot of it is just abandoned on the wayside. and most of the special effects are rendered sort of low budget and clumsily via computers, which really fails to capture junji ito’s freaky mad style.

it’s kind of a fun movie i guess? it really brings out the sort of tongue in cheek humor that junji ito has and slyly slips into most of his horror. it’s campy, when you get right down to it. not scary. i mean if you want campy amusing japanese horror it’s pretty dead on. but if you want something that recaptures the feeling of the uzumaki comics it really kinda falls short. 

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06/23/12 at 9:16am
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  1. not-fun said: oh my god i think you’ve just described exactly why i love it. all these years, i could never put it into words.