doin ATC commissions for 10$

i feel like doing a few ATCs! 

ATCs are Artist Trading Cards. if you buy one, you get the original shipped in a nice thick plastic sleeve to protect it. 

samples? SAMPLES!


info for ATCs!
- all my usual rules for commissions still apply.

2- due to the size of ATCs, i *probably* can not fit a *full body* drawing on one. i will let you know if this is the case.

3- again, due to size constraints, pose requests *might* be difficult. you can tell me what you’d like, and give me a general theme to work with, and i’ll do the best i can. i’ll let you know if the pose has to be changed or isn’t possible.

4- i can draw UP TO three characters on a card, but there may not be room for much else. an extra character in your ATC costs an extra 3$ per.

5- please DON’T pay up front unless i ask you to!

if anybody wants one of these you can shoot me a tumblr note or email me at

05/22/12 at 10:58am
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