to all my anxious pals

with whom i chat

if i suddenly stop replying to you on the internets it’s not because you said something offensive or hurtful or i’m secretly loathing you. i swear it’s not. if i abruptly stop replying when i was talking to you mere seconds ago this is not your fault at all. this is because i





and i will just



from the computer without thinking about the fact that i was basicly in a conversation with someone. it has been speculated fairly strongly i’m ADD. whatever the cause, it’s not you at all it’s just totally my inability to stay focused on a single thing. so do not worry about it next time, for serious. just chalk it up to the fact that there was a bird outside the window or i saw a moth and followed it out of the room or something.

05/18/12 at 6:32pm
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    this is such a nice thing to say to an anxious person C: I’m also guilty of this so um signal boost for wandering wits I...
  2. tydusis said: this is often the case with me as well. i will be chating with someone then there might be a lull and then i get distracted by a good tune or idea in my head and i just start up the progams and then 2 hours later, i see the chat and go “oh yeah…
  3. haxardagron said: I DO THE SAME THING
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