last night i dreamed i was in a zombie survival LARP. 

well sort of. it started out as a standard zombie dream where i figured i was going to die, but then actually ran into some other survivors and pinned down a zed through sheer force of numbers and bashed it’s brain out against a wall (common dream theme of mine - blunt force head trauma defeat of enemies) and then the whole tone of the dream shifted and it was like that zed had never died or really tried to hurt us and it was all just a massive LARP??

conceptually it was pretty cool because the whole city had been cleared out and we had access to all stores and buildings to scavenge in, and even though we scavenging for real weapons nobody actually used them on the zed actors, just kind of made motions of hitting. i think this is my subconcious revealing its inherit dislike for boffers. real crowbar = yes. crowbar padded with foam = no.

also i remember in the dream telling other players that i’d had dreams like this but that they always ended in just zombiedeth (which is untrue - the only other zed dream i had, i was the zombie) and the dreampeople asked why i hadn’t just chosen to do something else, since it was a dream and therefore i had power.

and in my dream 
i told the people
that because i didn’t know it was a dream, i couldn’t
and that i’d never been a very lucid dreamer

…i swear it’s like my subconcious handed me the keys to fantasyland and i went BUT I CANT DRIVE??? terrible at taking hints from my own dream-world.

though the dream gave me newfound respect for the crowbar as a weapon of the zombie apocolypse. it’s a bludgeon and close range weapon yes but it is also a very useful tool for just generally travelling around.

also the zed horde of the dream followed l4d logic in that you could close a door and it would delay their entry a while. 

05/07/12 at 6:59am
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