went to visit our old neighbors from That Town and have dinner. we all wound up watching the sox game. i can’t say i much care for sports or baseball or the sox in spite of living in massachusetts, but at about the 13th inning it did dawn on me to ask the question “are baseball games SUPPOSED to run this long?”

basicly some dingus stopped and stared at the ball he hit instead of running to first in what SHOULD have been the last inning. he could have potentially ended the game then and there for a sox win, but his gawking like a slack-jawed mule caused the teams to tie and the game to go into overtime. for what was apparently seven hours? and ultimately the other team won, hitting a home run in the  ….seventeenth? inning? god i don’t even know, we went home when it got to the 14th.

'parently L (the v nice ladyneighbor from long ago) has been getting into herbaltyherbalherbherb nonsense lately. she had a lot of really expensive herbal teas that all smelled very nice, and lit sage a few times and waved it around all excited. sage smells nice, but man she is bonkers in the best way. i love that gal. she's going on about how you use sage to bless what's important to you while waving it all around between her legs and it's just like JFLKSDJDLS HOOOOOOOOW ARE YOU THIS WAY IM DYINGGGG

their apartment smells a lot better since they’ve switched 80% over to e-cigs. tabacco smoke is really disgusting, sorry smokers. e-cigs just smell faintly sweet because of the flavouring agents that get puffed out with the water vapor. 

so tired 

how do i understand baseball

video games failed to teach me, it’s too complex

i will never be a sports fan

05/06/12 at 9:09pm
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  1. veederp said: HAHAHA SAGE My parents burned a lot of sage in our house, mostly to keep away bugs in the summer, but my dad always took some hunting as like, an offering when he actually killed something. It’s a very memory-laden smell for me :O
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