cyberbullies? (TW)

lemme talk to you real brief a minute here about cyberbullying.

it’s come to my attention that the authors of a certain comic are throwing the term around rather loosely in connection to literally anyone who posts public criticism of their comic. as in, omg you said this character design is cluttered! CYBERBULLY!!!

lemme tell you real swift here

real swift

i got hardcore cyberstalked. back in the 90s that’s what we called “cyberbullying” so that’s the phrase i’m still gonna use. and i think i have to call bullshit on their accusations of ‘cyberbullies.’

this is going to get intense, and so yeah. trigger warnings left right and center here.

when i got cyberstalked/bullied? i had my e-mail hacked. i had my bank account accessed. i had my MUD hacked, and deleted. i had my sites (all of them) hacked and taken down. my livejournal password, along with my instant messenger passwords were all ganked. my art galleries were hacked. i was subjected to ‘anonymous’ text messages (there is a service for this kind of thing) harassing me all day er’ry day at work. i had all kinds of crazy rumors spread about me - they tried to tell my best friend i’d molested her in her sleep. fortunately being my best friend she just laughed herself silly at that but seriously. seriously. they fired someone for talking to me. they told people i’d killed my cat. you know, that same cat i still have? they found someone who sexually assaulted me, buddied up to them, and then posted transcripts of them describing the assault around the internet. 

that is cyberbullying. that is the kind of thing which these bills refer to when they’re trying to make it illegal. it’s to stop that kind of shit, the shit that makes children kill themselves and adults go totally quackers. it is a real problem, and it does need some kind of action taken. however…

someone saying they dislike your comic, your art, or that they think you are a lame person is not cyberbullying. that’s called OPINIONS. that’s called CRITIQUE. that’s called not everyone will love everything you do. and it’s a large part of why the free and open exchange of ideas via the internet even works. PEOPLE DISAGREE. if every time someone critiques your comic or says your art is ugly you make an enormous WAAA PITY ME I WAS A PICKED ON HIGHSCHOOL GIRL AND NO SUPERHEROS EVER HAVE GAY SEX post, you are what we call a fucking wuss. knock that shit off. 

if someone says your writing is vapid and your character design is horrible, that’s not cyberbullying. that’s them expressing their feelings on your comic. IT SUCKS. THEY DONT LIKE IT. THEY’RE ALLOWED TO DISLIKE IT. sending your fucking brigade of minions to harass them and call them cyberbullies and try to get their websites and blogs pulled from the internet? is actually kind of cyberbullying them.

in conclusion?

fuck you, teahouse.

this is why people dislike you, okay? it’s not that you’re great and popular and they so jelly and haters gonna hate. this is why. you trivialize the horrors of being a sex worker. you trivialize rape. you go so far as to imply that because a man had an orgasm, it’s okay that he was raped because he “enjoyed” it. YOU DO REALIZE THAT PEOPLE CAN HAVE ORGASMS WHILE THEY ARE BEING RAPED, RIGHT? THAT ISN’T A VOLUNTARY REACTION, YOU DO KNOW THIS RIGHT. IT DOESN’T MEAN THEY LIKED IT. you are horrifically offensive to any man or woman who’s ever had to endure sexual assault. you’re vaguely racist (the only people who aren’t whiteywhitewhite are servants in your comic - with no character, they’re just background add-ins. furniture, essentially.) your character designs are hideously cluttered. you have maybe the VAGUEST concept of colour theory because you constantly break it horrifically. your characterization leaves much to be desired. you have serious sameface syndrome. you glorify abusive relationships. you encourage your fans to accept abusive relationships and sexual assault as GOOD THINGS. you tell them that these are  ’sexy’ and they in turn tell you they wish they had people treat them that way. 

and when people tell you that’s fucked up you turn around and try to make them into villians. you make no effort to actually refute these points or try to discuss how best to improve. you try to undermine their message by picking on them for their grammar. for their spelling. for their own art styles. what’s next, their user icons? LOL ICARUS YOU USE LOWERCASE LETTERS AND YOUR ICON HAS A HEAD IN A JAR, I CAN’T POSSIBLY TAKE *YOUR* OPINION SERIOUSLY.

i’d be a little more understanding of your god awful “storytelling” and god awful glorification of sexual abuse if you were just open and up front like ‘hey we have a fetish for non-consentual sex’ because whatever, people have fetishes. but i don’t think you do.  i think you are just idiots. and that is my opinion as someone who actually was cyberbullied. 

so buck the fuck up, teahouse. 
welcome to the fucking internet, welcome to posting fucking webcomics. don’t like it? then quit, or man the fuck up. if you actually think your story is worth telling in spite of all the “bullies” giving you negative feedback (note: i don’t think it’s worth telling, let me just add that in there) then keep going and stop fucking flouncing around like idiots every god damn time someone speaks ill of you. you don’t need to grind the entire fucking production line to a halt and publicly post some crocodile tears every goddamn time someone says they dislike your extremely niche appeal comic about gay anime prostitutes.

no fucking love,


04/27/12 at 10:59am
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