in the comic kyo’s due to change his shirt in the next few pages.

i want the new shirt to be black because of reasons, but green also looks good, if not better. but black is a thing. A THING. i’m kind of leaning towards the dark-black exterior with a square down the middle at the moment. though the square looks dumb, augh i don’t know. maybe with green pants?? but wouldn’t that look too much like soshika? gauhafdagaauhfs

outfits stink. i need to eliminate blue, white, and any other colours that could get ‘lost’ in blue from his wardrobe because this is going to be the outfit he’ll wear into the jungle. at the same time, i can’t have it be too glaringly contrasting to blue, because of reasons. 

to do this i just scanned a dumb lineart and then made a file with it three times over, printed it out, and coloured it in. real basic lame stuff but it works for this kind of thing.

04/26/12 at 4:43pm
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  1. spooky-science said: I like #2, but if you’re concerned about it looking weird, is a jersey coloration (grey or green w/ black sleeves) enough black?
  2. itwashesoff said: i like the middle one if you want to keep the black shirt but mostly MAN i just really like looking at the WAY you drew kyo in this! he’s really taking on a fun style! also black and yellow black and yellow now i’m singing the taxi dave song augh >C
  3. keptrefler said: I like number two. :)
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