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[“It’s Time for Cake” is my ramblings about about webcomics, art, writing and other stuff that comes to mind, feel free to read it or reply to it as you see fit.]

Today’s wall-o-text is talking about FORCED DRAMA/how NOT to add depth to a character/how to [possibly] avoid shitty writing. It was inspired by a terrible comic that made me roll my eyes SO HARD I simply had to have CAKE TIME.

[Warning: I will be talking about trauma/traumatic experiences being used as “gimmicks” to characters under the cut.  The main one talked about is suicide in media, the other events are mentioned in passing.

Disclaimer: Despite my ranting/rambling this time around, I am confident enough that I am not a hypocrite or grievous offender of this but I am not an expert in it, do NOT take my word as absolute on this topic. (This rambling does not address parody or satire, it is aimed at dramatic or otherwise serious works.)]

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so uh this post will talk about attempted suicide, scroll away now if that’s a problem.

it will also be me shamelessly attempting to justify use of attempted suicides as a thing in my own comic.

first off right away let’s clear the air here and say ‘write what you know’ is actually being applied in my comic. i went through some really bad stretches in my time. i gots me some depression and usually it’s not a thing but sometimes enviromental factors can really exacorbate the symptoms to the point of self destruction and BLAH BLAH anyway shit’s fine now, it’s in the past. but either way. 

two of my primary characters (probably the two i find easiest to write for) both have had suicide attempts in the past. kyo (after his family was killed and his sister got angry and cut ties with him, leaving him essentially isolated and drinking way too much) and grey (who has a myriad of self loathing issues, has tried more than once, and the Big One will be coming up in a flashback which makes me WORRY) and realisticly i imagine that’s probably statistically anomolous? but

i tried to make it a thing that the two of them were able to connect over. one of the many weird issues that they find common ground on, where most people treat them like outsiders or (worse) crazies, they’re able to just kind of meet on and go ‘oh, you too, huh? it’s okay. we’re still people.’

which really? REALLY? if you’re going to introduce a character with a suicide attempt in their past into your story? that’s the bottom line that should follow it. not that this makes them GRIMDARK ANGSTY HARDCORE. not that this makes them someone with a *TRAGIC MYSTERIOUS PAST* - that this is something that happened. happenED. past tense. it’s done, it’s over with, they’re still here and they’re still a human being. or a whatever. 

when you just carelessly toss an attempt into someone’s character like that and are like MEH WHUTEVZ it’s really insensitive just jalfjskdf oh my god these things do affect who you are but not in the way most people think?!? the experience of going ‘well i’m ready to meet death now. fuck it, here we go.’ and then waking up going ‘oh. i’m still here.’ IS KIND OF PROFOUND. YOU DO A LOT OF MENTAL REARRANGING OF FURNITURE IN THAT SPAN OF TIME BETWEEN WAKING BACK UP AND FACING THE WORLD AGAIN. 



i don’t know what the point here was

i guess that i have SOME SERIOUS FEELINGS about this in webcomics and that when it’s just tossed around carelessly it’s really offensive?? that i may not handle it the best when i write it, but at least i handle it sincerely? that finding someone’s scars during sex would kind of harsh the whole sex vibe for the person who has the scars?? 

seriously okay seriously?

once upon a time years and years ago (when the person who did this was too young to know better, they were like 13, and it’s cool seriously no hard feelings just as an example) i went to a convention.  i was meeting an interwebs friend for the first time and you know how it is, you kinda worry if you’re meeting the person for real or if they’ve faked you out. well to check if i was legit me this person kind of

grabbed my arm and 
checked my scars
and announced i was really me

and that really sent a deep cold shock of self loathing and fear and horror straight through my chest into my guts. if i wasn’t so determined to have fun it probably would have ruined the whole day. i was able to sort of kick the feelings to the curb but the point is that not everyone can do that. and being noticed for your scars is not a good feeling. there’s a reason grey always wears long sleeves in the comic and dislikes showing off his arms. people with self inflicted scars generally don’t want to show them. we don’t want to talk about the incidents that caused them - certainly not in detail. we’ll skip over large chunks of the story if we’re pressed into telling it (as i am now) and take every opportunity to avoid our scars being found out. 


HIDING SCARS UNDER BRACERS, BRACELETS, SLEEVES, SWEATBANDS, TATTOOS AND anything else is preferable to just flaunting the things.  

i wanna punch the writer of this stupid yaoi webcomic whoever they are

i just

i mean there’s no shortage of people online who deal with these issues that they could have talked to

and if their excuse is “WELL BUT IT LOOKS HOT” or “WELL BUT IF IT WAS ME-“



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