you don’t need to know about me to enjoy my comic

okay i hate to say this but

there’s so many “promote your comic AND YOUR GENDER!!!!!!!!” threads/groups/communities all over the place and i really


don’t like to have my body associated with my comic in any way?? i don’t feel like i should get readers just because of my sexuality/identity/genitals. but it kind of burns me because these threads always get a lot of traffic to comics and man i just

i don’t feel like what’s between my legs or what i do behind closed doors is anyone’s business but my own. it upsets me that the internet has this mentality of “to become known and popular, you must first TELL US ABOUT YOUR SEXUAL LIFE AND IDENTITY” and that really has always hardcore bothered me. i know it’s about reaffirmation and sticking together and all that but frankly i don’t WANT to hang out with people based on what junk is in their trunk. i don’t WANT to hang out with people based on their DSM-IV diagnosis. and i don’t WANT my work to become something as trite as “comic drawn by a ________”

my comic isn’t me. i am not my comic. i draw my comic. my comic should stand on its own, as its own entity. and i shouldn’t have to tell you anything about myself in order for you to be able to read or enjoy my comic. 

just sayin’.

but if you agree, or feel similarly? hell, let’s do this thing. reblog with YOUR comic. cause frankly nobody should have their work judged by what their physical body or attraction or identity or diagnosis is.

03/14/12 at 1:49pm
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  1. spacegate said: …and here I went and submitted Villain to Tomgeeks. I dunno if you like them or not, I just wanted to spread the comic around. Whoops :(
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    Exactly, exactly, exactly! We all have stories we want to express, either as music, writing, art, a movie, or even...
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    I don’t have a comic, but THIS. THIS A THOUSAND TIMES OVER. I’m not an gamer, I’m not a ...
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    Intergalactic Truckstop here. I’m chiming in, because gender shouldn’t matter. It’s a love of art that unites us, not...
  5. groodsprites said: It’s a frustrating trend that goes back…forever, but the classic case is Georgia O’Keeffe - she painted flowers for her own reasons but people only cared because OMG WOMEN AND FLOWERS IT MUST BE ABOUT BEING A WOMAN OH MAN.
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    Read comics based on your enjoyment of the plot. End statement.
  7. supertrainstationh said: "promote your comic AND YOUR GENDER!!!!!!!!" thats the dumbest fucking thing ever. i didn’t read the rest yet. thats fucking stupid.
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    This is 100% valid and I am actually also uncomfortable with that trend? It’s great if you’re comfortable with who you...
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