have a link to a video of tornados on the sun

not only do sun tornados look really cool and ominious, i just love thinking about stars as something other than “that big light and life giver thing in the sky”

the fact that stars have weather cycles (and that we know enough about ours to actually calculate it) is just terribly cool to me. the fact that some of their weathers look so similar and act so similar to those on earth is also brilliantly awesome. i guess the implication is that when sufficent energy and motion are present on a sphere, you’re going to wind up with similar weather activities? i dunno, i ain’t no physicist.

but it’s an interesting notion. it’d mean that there’s similar storms on totally alien worlds as well as stars. that maybe when we finally get to an alien habitable planet, it won’t be that alien after all. and common ground is really how you cope with the new and strange, so that could be very important to the psyche and moral of anyone who winds up going. though i guess a tornado is not really the kind of weather-from-home you’d ever WANT to see…

02/22/12 at 8:02am
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